A nostalgic find.

Looking at History by R.J. Unstead

When I was a kid one of my older brothers had these four little  books that were my first introduction history. They had, for the sixties when I was reading them, the coolest line drawing illustrations and colour plates. These books covered English history from the time of ‘cavemen’ until the ‘present day’. The present day was the early fifties.

Imagine how I felt when I discovered Airfix plastic models of Ancient Britons and Romans and was able to act out the history I was reading about.  It was this book that hooked me into a lifetime interest in history and wargaming.

A few weeks ago we were out for a walk and while passing an an auction house I found this book in a pile of discarded items that were getting trashed. It was a combined edition of all four of the history books I so loved as a child. A little battered on the spine but otherwise in pretty good nick.




One thought on “A nostalgic find.”

  1. What a terrific find. The colour plates alone (judging from your pics) are worth it. It is so neat to find the things that inspired you in your youth. For me, it was the magazine Look and Learn. There’s a fantastic website now that reproduces some of the pics and articles from that sadly now defunct magazine. Cheers, Roly.


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