28mm IsAngqu Regiment (Black Tree Designs)

The IsAngqu “White Tails” or “Orange River” Regiment was formed in 1852 and at the time of the Battle of Islandlwana in 1879 it’s members were married men in their mid-40s (44-47).

In 1879 it was part of the uNodwengu Corps, brigaded alongside the  uDududu and iMbube Regiments. However, at Isandlwana, IsAngqu formed part of the Chest of the Zulu formation and the other two regiments of the uNodwengu Corps were deployed in the Right Horn.  IsAngqu was also present at several other major engagements of the war, notably Kambala (29th March 1879), Ulundi (4th July 1879).

zulu regt 1










8 thoughts on “28mm IsAngqu Regiment (Black Tree Designs)”

  1. I am curious how your process compares to others. I bet if I mailed you a unit, you could return it painted before I got close to finishing a similar unit. 🙂


    1. If I put my mind to it I think I could crank out a unit in a couple of days. Four days from bare metal to based in my record and that included time spent going to work and doing my real job.


  2. My God you have been busy Brian. Good to see you back in the painting harness again after your earlier moments of doubt.


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