Monday Music: Snoopy’s Christmas

It is Christmas time so a traditional seasonal song is in order.

Happy Christmas to everyone who has taken the time to read The Woolshed Wargamer Blog and who have encouraged me to get painting and wargaming. Thanks for your support and I hope to have lots of interesting stuff for you next year.


The Woolshed Wargamer

In New Zealand we always know when the Christmas season is upon us when we hear Snoopy’s Christmas on the radio for the first time.


This year, for me, it was quite late – just last week. I think that it drives a lot of people nuts, but I find it quite reassuring. A bit of local tradition.  The song is by the group ‘The Royal Guardsmen’ who are in fact a US group.from Florida.

Snoopy’s Christmas

Another Snoopy v The Red Baron Song

And apparently Snoopy didn’t get The Red Baron the first time.

It is reassuring to know that Snoopy is still on the trail of bad guys in these modern times.

Enjoy the music and Happy Christmas to all.


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5 thoughts on “Monday Music: Snoopy’s Christmas”

    1. I only heard it first time this year on the radio a few days ago. Admittedly I don’t listen to as much radio as I used to.


  1. Have a happy festive season, Brian. Thanks for all the inspiration this year. I wish they played Snoopy vs. red Baron this side of the pond – fills me with nostalgia! Have a good one, mate. Alan


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