28mm uDududu Regiment (Black Tree Miniatures)

I actually finished these guys last week but have not got around to posting them as yet. While the painting bug is biting again the blogging one isn’t quite there yet.

These are the uDududu Regiment. Formed sometime between 1857 and 1859 it comprised unmarried men in the 40-42 year old range.  UDududu is a place name from a location on the coast of Zululand.

UDududu fought in most of the major engagements of the 1879 war.  At Isandlwana they were part of the Right Horn of the Zulu formation that swung around Isandlwana Mountain and attacked the British camp from the rear.

This is a 36 figure regiment. All models are Black Tree Designs.








3 thoughts on “28mm uDududu Regiment (Black Tree Miniatures)”

    1. Hi Roger
      That is a good idea. I will do a post on that shortly. Glad you like them, I had to find a way to make them look good but not take too long to get done.



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