Bretonnian Holy Order Knights

I actually brought these guys almost completed from a chap in Auckland about seven or eight years ago off Trademe.  I finally got around to finishing them off.  I added all the shields and decals for them, replaced a number of broken lances and also replaced the standard bearer’s standard shaft with a metal rod. I am a little apprehensive about posting these because 90% of the work on these was done by another chap whose name I don’t know.  If you were the painter, please let me know and I will credit you!  Please enjoy anyway.

I had originally thought to use these guys as Grail Knights but have since got a set of the fantastic Gamezone Grail Knights so these have been relegated to a Bretonnian Holy Order – they count as Knights of the Realm.

Each knight has his personal heraldry on the rear quarters of his warhorse, and the Fleur de Lis device of the Bretonnian Lady of the Lake on his shield.

Order Knights 8

Order Knights 7

Order Knights 6

OK – How does this guy actually blow that trumpet while wearing a Great Helm? A magic trumpet perhaps? One of the mysteries of Warhammer 🙂

Order Knights 5

Order Knights 4

Order Knights 3

Order Knights 2

The original plastic pole cut off either side of the hand and at the base of the standard. The hand and standard pin drilled and a metal rod used to replace the staff. Much more sturdy.

Order Knights 1

6 thoughts on “Bretonnian Holy Order Knights”

  1. These knights look ace. I think your refurbishments really make them pop. Did you add this nice chipped look to the shields or is it part of the decal? I really like the effect of reddish/pinkish? underground coming through.


    1. Mostly the decals with a little bit of weathering thrown in to make them match the ones on the caparisons. The reddish colour on the shields was likewise done to make them look a bit aged and to match the existing paint jobs.


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