C Company, 1/24th Foot (28mm Black Tree Designs)

I have cracked out another company of the 24th Foot for the Zulu Wars. Two days from start to finish. I am really enjoying this project. Next on the production line is a unit of Boer Volunteers and some British Lancers then I am into the Zulu until British reinforcements arrive from the UK and Australia. I only have seven British infantrymen left to paint and they are all in marching poses.

These miniatures are all Black Tree Designs. First off, Captain Reginald Younghusband, commander of C Company 1/24th Foot. Apparently he and the remnants of his company held out on the side of Isandlhwana mountain until they ran out of ammunition and then charged the encircling Zulu with fixed bayonets after a final handshake. I am not sure if that is a Zulu oral story or something made up by Victorian romantics.  Either way, it would have made a great ‘extra scene’ in a director’s cut of Zulu Dawn.





Some people don’t like the Black Tree Design figures because of their somewhat strange  ribbed hats. I think it was a design choice to make them stand out from ‘wargaming distance’ rather than for blown up close-up photos on a screen.

Here are the two companies I have completed so far.  Got three more companies of British foot coming from Warlord Games (courtesy of their half price sprue sale).



3 thoughts on “C Company, 1/24th Foot (28mm Black Tree Designs)”

  1. This project is coming together nicely Brian. The Black Tree Design figures seem as though they would be nice to paint and I like the look of the raised detail.


  2. It is making a nice change of pace Lawrence. Get me geared up to painting Spanish Cavalry over the rest of winter.


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