28mm More Casualty Bases (Perry Miniatures)

I have really got into doing some extra stuff that make wargames more fun recently – terrain, vignettes, command and casualty bases.  To that end I have just completed some more. These are all Perry Miniatures. I got hold of their British Infantry Casualties (Code BH55) and  Dutch/Belgian Cavalry Casualties (Code DB42) sets. Once again I am using the excellent Warbases 40mm casualty bases I acquired a month or so ago.

The British set contains six figures, including one vignette piece.  First off a rifleman.

ImageFlank Company or Light Infantryman (top) and Centre Company  (bottom) bases.


A dead Highlander.  I was quite pleased how the kilt came out on this guy. I have two regiments of Scots to paint and the kilts were putting me off. Now to see how I manage 24 at a time.


An infantryman taking a shot – a pose somewhat reminiscent of the famous photo by Robert Capa (staged or not)


Finally a vignette base showing a soldier helping a wounded officer.


The Dutch/Belgian cavalry casualties are not being used as is, but paint converted to be French cavalry casualties. First off a French Chasseur.


A Dutch Carabineer doing duty as a French Line Lancer Elite Co casualty.


This guy is now a casualty for my French Hussar regiment.


The next two have not been based yet as I wanted to mount them on larger versions of the bases. Warbases are making them especially for me but they have not arrived as yet. A Dutch/Belgian light cavalryman doing duty as a fallen French Chasseur and another Carabineer being a French Dragoon.


11 thoughts on “28mm More Casualty Bases (Perry Miniatures)”

  1. Thanks guys. I can’t wait until my 70mm versions of the bases arrive. The 40mm ones were a bit too crowded for dead horses – too much overlap.


  2. Great markers Brian.

    The reason I did mine with dice was a plug for Minibits. Leon does a fantastic job supporting the hobby so I hope to have done him a favour.

    I’ve done other plugs on my blog. Most recently for Warbases, Martin is a great guy too!


    1. Nothing wrong with plugs. I do them all the time. I much prefer the look of what you have done with your casualty markers (or mine for that matter) than a pile of chips, wooden markers and so forth following around behind the unit. Makes for a more visually appealing game.


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