Anglo-Spanish Command – Peninsular War

I have had a quiet painting week and have only just got these Command bases finished.  All Elite Miniatures but there is a guest appearance by a solitary Connoisseur Spanish Grenadier.  I have a few more command bases to do but they can wait for another day.

First off is a group of consisting of a British general, his cavalry brigade commander, a staff officer and their Spanish Liaison Officer.



A Spanish Colonel rides past two of his Grenadiers.  The chap in front is a Connoisseur Miniatures figure (from Bicorne Miniatures). I like him a lot. All he needs is a cigar.




Finally a shot of all the Anglo-Spanish staff and generals I have painted so far.






3 thoughts on “Anglo-Spanish Command – Peninsular War”

  1. Very nice Brian. I have half a dozen Spanish command on my painting desk at the moment, along with three grenadiers to accompany them. If they turn out half as nicely as these, I will be well pleased.


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