Rorke’s Picnic (Eureka 28mm Teddy Bears)

I took a break from painting Napoleonics and painted these two Eureka Teddy bears from the Rorke’s Picnic range for a happy couple getting married. One with English ancestry and one with South African.

I already have some Teddy Bears from the “The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly” range, a few of which I have posted on the blog . Eureka also does Pirates and Seven Years Picnic bears that are a real treat. To say I am tempted in painting a whole battalion of Seven Years Wars Teddy bears is an understatement.

First off the Zulu Bear. He came with a choice of Plunger Assegai or a looted Martini Henry Pop gun. I went for the more tradition plunger. Drilled and pinned to keep it attached to the arm.



An officer of the 24th (2nd West 100-Acre Wood) Regiment of Foot. Armed with trusty service suction cup gun and wooden sword.



The two together waiting for their mummies and daddies to come and take them home.


6 thoughts on “Rorke’s Picnic (Eureka 28mm Teddy Bears)”

    1. They are quite fun. But pricey. A 24 figure SYW battalion at $AUD2.95 is an expensive folly. I may have to restrain myself 🙂


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