Bretonnian Questing Knights: WIP

I have been mucking around painting these guys on and off for the last ten years – since the 6th Edition Bretonnian release back in 2004. Kind of fun to do, but I am not sure what I will ever do with them.  These are some Bretonnian Questing Knights I am working on in between painting Napoleonics.  They are pretty much completed now and when I get back home I will post new pictures.

The Questing Knight models are the best of the Games Workshop sculpts for the Bretonnian range in my opinion. The idea of a knight riding to battle with a bureau on his warhorse tickles my fancy.  They are laden down with all sorts of baggage. Stupid, but kind of cool. For this lot I have made my own ‘baggage” for the most part. The sharp eyed will also notice an older 5th Edition model or two in there as well.




Here are a few of the first lot of Questing Knights I finished some years ago now.


And the Battle Standard Bearer for this army. A Grail Knight Hero.



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