Kapiti Fusiliers – ‘PRATZEN … DRATZEN! A Napoleonic game report’

I wrote this article for the now defunct Kapiti Fusiliers web-site. Roly had recently republished it on his own “Dressing the Lines” blog earlier this year. I was browsing the net and came across it again and thought it worth re-blogging. This was a great wargame and one of the best I have ever played in – despite the fact that I lost.



This resurrected posting was one of the most popular on the old Kapiti Fusiliers website.  It describes a huge Command Piquet game that took place back in April 2005.  The article was originally written by Fusilier Brian Smaller (who now has his own fascinating Woolshed Wargamer blog) and the  dramatic pictures were taken by Fusilier Paul Crouch.


Above: Fusilier Greg Simmonds debuted several bases of Russian generals in this game. These are beautifully painted mini-dioramas, featuring various Front Rank and Foundry figures, many of them heavily converted.

The opportunity to play a Napoleonic war game on a 12’ by 6′ table with over a thousand painted figures doesn’t come along every day, so when Fusilier Greg Simmonds suggested such a game we jumped at the chance. The players who made it to the battle were Fusiliers Greg Simmonds, Peter Haldezos, Shane Saunders and of course, myself. The game was played…

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