Ethnic Gangs in my Old West Town, Pt 2.

This time some Buffalo Soldiers. I have been slowly building up a force of soldiers and Plains Indians to oppose them. The first of these was this group of Buffalo Soldiers and their white captain.

ImageEven though they are officially commanded by Captain H.T. Davis, they are really led by their NCO, Sergeant John Shaft. He’s the cat who won’t cop out, when there’s danger all about.  Can you dig it?

Buffalo Soldier 7

On the horn is Bugler Clifford “Sweet Tone” Brown. He has them jumping when he blows eight to the bar.

Buffalo Soldier 8

Outside the Assay Office is Trooper George Washington Greene. A dab hand with pistol and carbine.

Buffalo Soldier 1

The other two members of the squad are Troopers Curtley Aimes and Richard Blackley.

Buffalo Soldier 9

I have a custom Bystander Event Card for these guys.

Buffalo Soldier Event Card


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