Spanish Napoleonic La Reina Regiment

My first Spanish Line regiment is ready to march to the sound of the guns – or run away from them – as the case may be.  These models are 28mm Elite Miniatures. These were cast up by Nathan Vinson at Elite Miniatures Australia.  I really like the Elite Miniatures line of figures. They have a sense of movement about them that I find most modern ranges do not have. Don’t get me wrong – I love Front Rank, Perry and so forth and have plenty of them – but they all seem somewhat wooden when compared to these guys. Sure the detail is not as crisp, and the faces are a bit wonky, but in a mass they work really well.

I think that everyone who has a Spanish army in the early uniform goes for one of the regiments with the purple facings. Who doesn’t like purple. I had a jar of Citadel Lich Purple sitting in my paint collection for nearly twenty years and it has hardly been used – until now. Took a bit of thinning and stirring but that purchase finally vindicated itself.  This battalion is painted as the La Reina Regiment.ImageThe flags are from the Captain Miniatures website. I guess it is a bit of cheek to use them on another manufacturer’s miniatures but as much as I like Captain Miniatures – they are pretty expensive. I might make it up to them by getting some of their Brunswick ‘Owls’ at some stage.


Once again I bases on 40x50mm bases. Originally I did this to keep my plastic figures totally within the boundaries of their bases but decided, for the sake of uniformity, to base all my Anglo-Spanish-Portuguese line infantry this way.


The grenadiers bearskins are a challenge and one that I don’t think I won, but I guess they will have to do.


I have no idea of Spanish units carried one or two flags per battalion, but I seem to have over-ordered standard bearers so all my line regiments will be carrying two flags.


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