Bretonnian Henge

This terrain piece was another joint effort between one of my children and I for a school project. At the time my daughter was about eight and was doing a module on Stonehenge.  She wanted me to help her make a model that she could show off at school. They had just visited New Zealand’s own Stonehenge to see a replica henge and she was all inspired.  I think the chances of her and I cooperating on any projects like this now are pretty slim so this model is rather special to me.


Once again we used insulation foam and a base of MDF.  Now we could have made an exact replica of the real Stonehenge, but I persuaded her that a representative ruined henge would be just as good – and I got a decent piece of table top terrain for Warhammer Fantasy battles.

The stone effect on the blocks was produced by the simple expedient of putting the foam onto the concrete path and standing on it.  Seemed to work. Of course, my daughter had to add her very own touch and while her brother was watching TV she sneaked up and snipped off a lock of his hair and used to to make some of the grass tufts we used. Needless to say, he was not happy.

Knights and a Bretonnian Damsel riding through the henge.

ImageThis Bretonnian henge has two large trilithons – visible in this shot.


Bretonnian Knights Errant riding through the shrine to the Old Gods.


A large fallen column lies broken.


Another shot of same.


An overhead shot showing the alter stone in the centre of the henge. Tracks wend their way amongst the ruins of the monument.


The Damsel can draw power from the ancient magic of the stones. Well that is the theory. I haven’t played Warhammer for a while.Image

As a final note – the current state of the Bretonnian Henge is not good. It has fallen into even more ruin. A pesky possum got into the Woolshed and knocked it off the shelf it was stored on and it was somewhat damaged. Well, it was flattened really. All the bits are there so I will repair it. As to the fate of the possum…well possum fur goes for NZ$140 per kilogram at the moment.


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