Monday Music: The Dam Buster’s March


Continuing with great war movie theme music, I present the Dam Busters March.  This was composed by composer Eric Coates (1886-1967).

I somehow think that when Sir Peter releases The Dam Busters this military march won’t feature – although it may be a nice homage as Guy Gibson’s PC-dog, Trigger, farewells his master.

And talking of homages.  When I lived in the UK in the late 1980s this advert appeared on English television. I thought it was funny then and still do. The Dam Busters Association gave it their blessing apparently, after a consideration from the brewery.

Interestingly enough, here in New Zealand in the early 90s there was an advert for Sudafed (an anti- congestion drug) that used the Dambusters theme. The RSA (Returned Services Association) moaned like crazy and it was withdrawn. I couldn’t get my head around that, especially after the actual guys who were on the raid who were alive at the time gave the green light to the Carling ad. Shrug.

There was a board game released based on the Dam Buster raid and I remember playing it once or twice back in the early 90s.   A bit of research shows that it was released about the same time. I thought it was older.  It was quite a bit of fun to play if I remember correctly. You had to gather your crew and for 617 Squadron and of course, destroy the dams.  It used a board and a card driven system – that is about all I recall of it.




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