More of my Old Glory 28mm Peninsular British Infantry

I took these a month or so back but couldn’t get them off the camera until I found the right cable.

Old Glory have a style all of their own. People either like them or hate them. I am in the ‘Like’ category.  They are cheap, especially if you use the Army Card and get a 40% discount, and come in bags of thirty figures. The staff at Old Glory also go out of their way to help you get the best value for your postage. It amazed me how much stuff they manage to cram into a standard air mail postage box.

The Regimental Colour for this regiment is all wrong – but I will remedy that once I get home and replace the green standard with a blue one I have printed out.


For the sake of uniformity I have decided to base all my British and Allied line infantry on 40x50mm bases. As I said in an earlier post I went to the 50mm deep bases because I am paranoid about protecting the plastic bayonets on my Perry and Victrix plastics.


In typical Old Glory fashion there are a few highly animated, and somewhat goofy looking figures amongst this lot. The officer on the command base is no exception.


This battalion has a complete stand of flank company infantrymen at each end of the line. My plastic battalions, and any further metal ones, have only two flank company figures on a base that they share with some centre company companions.


You will also notice that this battalion has reversed tufts on their shakos. The centre companies have red over white instead of white over red. An eccentric Colonel no doubt.


I really like these two Sergeants. The one with the pike is a neat little model. There are two with pikes in the 1808 British Infantry command bag, but the other one is nowhere as good a pose as this guy.


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