Finished first of my 28mm British Brigades

I have finally finished my first 28mm British brigade for my Peninsular War forces. I have never painted British infantry before and found it surprisingly refreshing after so many battalions of blue coated Frenchies.  There is also something rather cool about those big colours – and you get two in a battalion. Probably one of the reasons British infantry in line look so cool.

I had got some Old Glory 1st Ed British Infantry in Stovepipe Shakos years ago that I was going to paint up as Canadian militia for War of 1812. They are typical Old Glory miniatures – very quirky. However, quirky is something I like.



Not too clear but there are a couple of sergeants in this shot. One with pike and one waving his men forward. The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that the flag is wrong for the facing colours of this regiment. I wanted to base them and didn’t have the right flag.  Oh well, How sad, Never mind.  These Old Glory figures are pretty good and easy to paint. They are not as small as I thought they would be up against modern 28s.


The second battalion in this brigade is the 37th – constructed out of the Perry plastic British Infantry set.  My painting guide was the one that came in the box. I am nothing if not thorough in my research.


I used the British casualty figure from the Perry Cuirassier/Carabiner set to tart up the firing line.


When I did the Old Glory battalion I used a base for each Flank Company. That was too many, so for the Perry battalion I used a couple of figures at each end to represent the Grenadiers and Lights.


A rear view of the Perry Battalion.


The last battalion I painted was a battalion of the 60th Rifles. Once again these are Perry metals and plastic riflemen. On TMP I had wondered about the compatibility of the plastic and metal figures on the same bases, but it turned out better than I expected. I put the plastic riflemen either at the back of a base, or together on one base. Seemed to work out alright.


I really liked these metals. I see another battalion of riflemen in my future – this time the 95th. Who makes the best Sharpe and Harper that will go well with Perry’s?


The brigade all together.


The next unit on the painting table is another plastic unit – this time Victrix. I have assembled the 24 man battalion in stovepipe shako and with the front rank kneeling to receive a charge with a firing line behind them.


10 thoughts on “Finished first of my 28mm British Brigades”

    1. Thanks Roly. I hope they wont look too bad brigaded with your Brits in a future game.
      I decided to paint them as 60th Rifles just because everyone has the 95th:)


  1. Well, the Perry plastic figures are easy to paint. The molded detail is so crisp. But I am terrified of those plastic bayonets breaking. The OG figures are somewhat crude, but have bayonets like telegraph poles so I am pretty sure that short of throwing them into a wall they wont break. As a finished product, I would have to go with the Perry as my favourite of these as a finished unit. The one I was least happy with was the riflemen.

    The bases are just done with polyfilla (a general purpose filler), and painted with a tan brown, a chocolate brown and an off white. Two different shades of static grass. I will put some of those fancy grass tufts on when I get a supply in.

    Thanks for commenting mate.


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