Bretonnian Men at Arms

I am not what you would call a great player or fan of Warhammer, but I do like some of the models. The Bretonnian Army was the least fantasy-ish and I really liked a lot of the models for this range. However, being a wargamer, and not a Games Workshop Hobbyist, I am not too fussed at where my miniatures for this army come from. I always balked at the prices that are charged for these miniatures here in New Zealand so almost all of the GW models I used have come from internet trades, mostly at a fraction of their ‘shelf price’.

The first photo is of the first unit of Men at Arms I have completed. I have another two of these. Don’t ask me why – it is just when I see twenty or thirty models on sale for $10 or so, I have to buy them.


I figure that my knights will each bring one or two men at arms with them to battle so I have a big range of liveries on their gigantic shields.


I had a whole bunch of Front Rank 100YW or War of the Roses figures so chucked them in as well. Hacked arms off, added shield, the odd head swap and gave them some humongous Games Workshop halberds.


Another view of the same three figures.


Finally a shot of some mounted Men at Arms. These are really nice little models. I picked up these ten figures for about NZ$20. A bargain considering that the same ten figures new would have set me back NZ$200.



11 thoughts on “Bretonnian Men at Arms”

  1. Nice. I have been steadily collecting Brettonians for the same purpose but seem to have mostly collected archers. And my collection has cost a lot more than your astute purchases.


  2. Thanks Pete. I have two units of Archers finished as well. They are comprised of current and last GW editions, Front Rank and I think some Crusader. Sometime the internet auctions are a matter of luck. Sometimes they are painted and that actually lowers their price as they are done so badly. Usually nothing some paint stripping doesn’t fix.


  3. I am desperately scouring the web for bargains for GW men at arms. I managed to get a box just before they went OOP but I need more! I don’t suppose you’d consider selling yours? Or some at least?


  4. Hi there,
    would it be possible for you to do some comparison pictures of your GW and Front Rank miniatures? I would really appreciate this, as i tried out some Wargames Foundry Minis and they were way to slim for my liking. Now i am not sure if i should try Front Rank.
    Thanks in advance and greetings from germany!


      1. Do you have a Bretonnian Army? Are you playing Warhammer 7th or something else? I am looking at Kings of War – just have not had a game yet.


    1. Well i do have an army. Sadly i am more into converting than painting. So most minis are not painted yet.
      Also i do not play, but collect them for the looks. This gives me a lot of freedom concerning the rules. For example i converted 20 men at arms into swordsmen with high elve shields. I plan a small unit of crossbows.
      But at the moment my 2 kids require a lot of attention, so hobby stuff is pushed into the background. But bretonnians are patient 😛 One day i might even find somebody to play a battle with.


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