Banned from Battlefront’s Flames of War Forum


Today I got an email from Chris Townley (Design Studio Manager at Battlefront) with this rather terse sentence.

Hi Brian,

your forum account on the Flames Of War site has been deleted at the request of the senior management.

Chris Townley

Battlefront Miniatures

Well, I wondered why – I had hardly said or done anything controversial at the Battle Front Forum. The sum total of my contribution was posting a link to my painted Battlefront Stuart Recce tanks post (in the Galleries section), and to some of my Monday Music posts that had themes that may or may not interest people interested in social history of WWII and Vietnam War (in the Canteen section – the appropriate part of the forum for such posts).

Here is what I wrote about their Vietnam range:

Battle Front’s Tour of Duty line.  Quite extensive and looks pretty good. I have only ever seen the models in blisters but I am guessing that they are of the same pretty high standard as the rest of the BF line – arguments over the shape of a T-55′s turret notwithstanding.

Still waiting to see if I get a response from Chris as to why my account was removed, but I have to ask – has Battlefront become thinner skinned than an Opel Blitz truck?


5 thoughts on “Banned from Battlefront’s Flames of War Forum”

  1. I suspect it is just street cred for a while then back to regular access, really not sure why you were chosen out of all the people who visit the forum. Hope it isnt long, I wouldnt take it personally.


  2. I am more amused as opposed to taking it personally. Why would senior management of a company take an interest in my membership to the extent of having it removed. Shrug.


  3. It is obviously because you spelled Battlefront as two words. That transgresses their style guide, and is an immediate banning offence. Battlefront is always just one word, not two like Battle Fr – argh! Now I’ve been banned too!


  4. Fuck em. You dont need this hassle. Move it on and see this for the petty minded waste of time it is. Doubtless it made them feel great for five minutes.


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