Some more Wild West buildings

Back in Wellington for the rest of the week. I have almost finished the first battalion of Spanish for my 1808-1812 Spanish Army – the Voluntarios de Cuidad Rodrigo. Just the basing to take care off and they will be done.  In the meantime, some pics of some of the early buildings I made for my Wild West town.

First off, the Freight Office. A couple of local farmers, Gunther Meyer and his neighbour  John-Boy Thomas, are loading their wagon. These figures are both Blue Moon from their Tombstone Civilians set (Available from Old Glory Code BMM-512)


Here we see two of the town’s luminaries chatting on the street outside the Cattleman’s Exchange and Social Club.  Mr Hawkins the Bank Manager  (left) chats with A.W. Jones, Proprietor and Editor of the Trinity Pioneer. Mr Hawkins is a West Wind London Gentleman from the Gothic Horror/Jeckyll and Hyde series.


Next door to the Cattelman’s is the Mining Claims office.


Across the other side of town lives Old Ma Baker. She and her clan live in adjoining cottages.


Ma Baker does not appreciate interlopers in her backyard. She is another from the Blue Moon Tombstone Civilian set.


If anyone persists in arguing with her blunderbus, her three boys will rush to her defence. Shorty, Bobbie (Bucktooth) and Big Joe Baker are all Crusader figures. Molly the goat is a farm set toy and is always nervous.


Finally, one of the local watering holes.  This was the first building I ever made and it shows – but I have a fondness for it none-the-less.


And finally, finally. Some of my real Wild West critters.  Future freezer fillers.

04022013 Wild West 9


6 thoughts on “Some more Wild West buildings”

  1. your buildings are awesome! I’ve always loved miniatures and I’m a new model railroader and I’m designing and building all my buildings out of wood also. Your buildings are inspirational. thanks for sharing them.


    1. That is very kind of you to say so. I really enjoy making my own. I am a bit slap-dash about measurements so they are rarely square. I have just finished some new medieval/fantasy type buildings that I will be posting shortly.


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