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28mm Spanish Cordoba Regiment (Elite Miniatures)

This week while away with work I finished this regiment of white coated Spanish infantry. These chaps are painted as the Cordoba Regiment (red facings, collars and cuffs).  This is the last of the four battalions of Elite Miniatures Spanish infantry I got from Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia a couple of years ago. Now to hit those three regiments of Spanish cavalry that are taunting me from their place atop my lead mountain.  I painted these in the evenings and early mornings before I started work. Being away from home for work means that at night one can either sit and watch TV or try to get something productive done.   I have yet to attach finials and tassels to the flags – I ran out of them – have to order some more – although maybe Scott will be able to get them for me at New Zealand’s only Pharmacy/Model Shop.  The eagle-eyed among you may spot a couple of Front Rank figures in there as well. Flags are freebies from Captain Miniatures.


My Spanish Ulcer so far. Actually they have been a joy to paint. I really enjoy painting Spanish – maybe that will extend to the cavalry I am about to embark upon.



British 10th Light Dragoons (Hussars) – Elite Miniatures

I really hate painting cavalry.  I mean I really really hate painting cavalry.  When it comes to cavalry I really really really hate painting Hussars. It is like slamming your fingers in a door – feels really great when you stop.

This week’s completed unit is the 10th Light Dragoons (Hussars), 1808. I chose this regiment because that is what is illustrated in my copy of the wonderful Military Dress of the Peninsular War.  Miniatures are Elite sourced from Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia. I will point out that he does not just stock Elite – he has a great range from a variety of top line manufacturers.

As far as this unit goes they look a damn sight better from three feet away than they do in close up pictures, but I am reasonably happy with them despite the fact that they drove me batty.

Portuguese Cacadores – 2nd (Moura) Regiment

It is is Sunday here in New Zealand and I have just photographed the unit I finished last night. Three units completed this week. One was already started/mostly done by last weekend but still – not bad going.

These miniatures are Elite Miniatures produced in Australia by Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia. If you have not visited his web-store you will almost certainly have seen his fantastically inspiring Lonely Gamer blog.

As I am theming my army as Early Peninsular War I have gone with Portuguese in the barrentina shako and early uniform. Elite only make one set of Cacadores in this rig comprising four poses (Kneeling Firing, Standing at Ready, Loading and a guy that looks a bit like he should be sweeping a broom – advancing I guess) who are all armed with muskets. In the 1812+ Cacadore range there are mounted officers, drummers and foot officers. I decided to go for a 24 figure battalion and just mix the four poses I had. I may get a few more and do some head swaps to get officers – or more probably just leave things as they are.

These were nice big minis. Nathan really cast these up well – they were pretty crisp and only needed a bit of cleaning up – a bit of flash in the odd undercut but that was about it. I have found that these older style figures that are more animated than most of the ‘modern school’ of figures often have more underarm flash but half an hour or so with an xacto knife and file isn’t much out of my hobby time.  I went with the red cuffs of the 2nd Moura Regiment – because I like the red and brown. I hate painting yellow so used GW Zamesi Desert as is for the tunic lace. Against the brown I don’t think it looks too bad. The brown itself is a 50/50 mix of GW Rhinox Hide/Doombull Brown.

Portuguese Line Artillery – Elite Miniatures

The second unit I finished this week was some artillery support for my budding Portuguese brigade. The gunners are all Elite Miniatures purchased from Elite Miniatures Australia. The guns are plastic Victrix British artillery.  I picked the set up cheaply – mostly for the guns rather than the gunner figures. I am sure I will find a use for them at some stage though.

I think that this year’s NapCon will have a Peninsular War theme, so I want to get as many unit completed before hand as I can. Still to do for my Allied forces – three regiments of Spanish Cavalry (Line, Dragoon and Hussar) and another British Light Dragoon regiment, several Spanish regiments and some other odds and sods stuff.

My army is themed around 1808-1811 so all my Portuguese are in the barrentina shako.


Portuguese 2nd (Lagos) Regiment

My first completed Napoleonic unit since January last year. I actually had these guys undercoated and the first dabs of colour on them at that time but fell into a depressive funk and they sat on the painting table until last week. I actually feel as if I have my Napoleonic mojo back – a good thing as I have three regiments of British and Spanish Cavalry staring at me at the moment.

I painted these guys with no real reference material so was pleasantly to find that according to my copy of Military Dress of the Peninsular War there was indeed a regiment with white cuffs, blue collars and red piping.

2nd (Lagos) Infantry. 28mm Elite Miniatures models supplied by Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia.

28mm Portuguese 23rd (2nd Almeida) Regiment (Elite Miniatures)

My first regiment of Portuguese for my Anglo-Portuguese Army.  This is the 1st Battalion, 23rd (2nd Almeida) Regiment. I have the 2nd Battalion of the same regiment on the painting blocks now. These are nice animated Elite Miniatures cast up by Nathan Vinson at Elite Miniatures Australia.  The flag is from Warflags and is probably wrong but as usual – I don’t care.










And here is Our Nellie keeping watch over the troops.


And of course Jasper is King of All he Surveys.


The good news at the Woolshed is that we have had some rain. The ground is still very dry but if we get another three days of even this light rain the grass will take off again.


28mm British Horse Artillery and Rifles Officers (Elite Miniatures)

You know when you order a bunch of stuff and then paint it over a period of time you always end up with odds and sods that you don’t remember ordering – or at least it seems that way with me. I had these two officer figures that I do not remember ordering but must have had a reason for doing so – whatever that reason was.

First off, a Royal Horse Artillery Officer.


  And a Rifles Officer. He is shown leading some Perry Miniatures 60th Rifles.




28mm British Dragoons (Elite Miniatures)

The last of the cavalry that I got last year from Nathan Vinson of Elite Miniatures Australia. This time a regiment of British Dragoons in the old uniform. I really liked these guys in their bicornes. They have brass chin-scales to keep them on in the charge but these guys have theirs tied up, so I imagine two seconds after these photos the hats would be all over the field of battle.  There were a couple of models with broken swords so I removed them and inserted a piece of wire.

My next painting binge will be on the rest of the Spanish and English cavalry that Nathan has just posted – Two regiments of Spanish Line cavalry/Dragoons (not sure what I will do them as yet), a regiment of Spanish Hussars and one of British Hussars.







Once again Nathan gave me a baker’s dozen of figures. I had an extra casting. Waste not, want not – he is now based as an individual figure for use as a Colonel, or for skirmish gaming.


Anglo-Spanish Command – Peninsular War

I have had a quiet painting week and have only just got these Command bases finished.  All Elite Miniatures but there is a guest appearance by a solitary Connoisseur Spanish Grenadier.  I have a few more command bases to do but they can wait for another day.

First off is a group of consisting of a British general, his cavalry brigade commander, a staff officer and their Spanish Liaison Officer.



A Spanish Colonel rides past two of his Grenadiers.  The chap in front is a Connoisseur Miniatures figure (from Bicorne Miniatures). I like him a lot. All he needs is a cigar.




Finally a shot of all the Anglo-Spanish staff and generals I have painted so far.






28mm British Light Dragoons (Elite Miniatures)

I have two regiments of Elite Miniatures early-mid Peninsular War British cavalry to get painted. A heavy and a light dragoon regiment. These Lights are the the first to be painted. Got them done over the lat three days, which has to be a record for me.  Painted as the 16th Light Dragoons (scarlet facings and white lace). Not that I let that bother me too much.  These Elite figures are really nice. Highly animated and looking just right for a British cavalry regiment that will “Gallop at Anything”.




I ordered these in a larger order last year from Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia. He included an extra model in the package that I have painted and based separately. I may use him as a cavalry commander or as a ‘Big Man’ in Sharpe Practice games.