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Banner Class Light Merchant (Traveller)

A cheap and readily available light merchant built on the venerable Type-S hull design.

This vessel is a Jump 1, no frills light cargo hauler.  1-2 crew, no passengers.

High Guard Stats (built using High Guard Shipyard software by Andrea Moffatt-Valence):

Ship: MV Free Enterprise
Class: Banner
Type: Light Merchant

Tech Level: 10

EX-1111111-030000-10001-0 MCr 37.350 100 Tons
Crew: 2
TL: 10

Cargo: 54.000 Fuel: 11.000 EP: 1.000 Agility: 0 Pulse Lasers
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops

Architects Fee: MCr 0.374   Cost in Quantity: MCr 29.880

Detailed Description

100.000 tons standard, 1,400.000 cubic meters, Needle/Wedge Configuration

Pilot, Gunner

Jump-1, 1G Manuever, Power plant-1, 1.000 EP, Agility 0

Bridge, Model/1 Computer

1 Hardpoint

1 Triple Mixed Turret with: 1 Pulse Laser (Factor-1), 1 Missile Rack (Factor-1).

1 Single Sandcaster Turret organised into 1 Battery (Factor-3)


11.000 Tons Fuel (1 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance)
On Board Fuel Scoops, No Fuel Purification Plant

1.5 Staterooms, 54.000 Tons Cargo


MCr 37.724 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 0.374), MCr 29.880 in Quantity

38 Weeks Singly, 30 Weeks in Quantity

Banner Class 1

Banner Class 2

UPDATE: How it hangs together.

Banner cross section

Credit: Inspiration for this Travellerisation comes from the Space Opera game. I forgot to credit it when I originally posted it.  Given how much it resembles a Type S Scout anyway I already think there was a lot of cross fertilizing going on even in 1981 when Seldon;s Compendium of Starcraft I was published by FGU.

12 Modules for the 50ton Modular Cutter (Traveller)

As promised, here are some deck plans for a variety of modules. I have not added a key – yet.   They are mostly built from the designs shown in GURPS Traveller: Modular Cutter.  However, one credit goes to a guy called Brook West who posted a design of a Recreational Vehicle Module back in 2002 on the internet. I reworked it slightly and there it is. Your own powered Winnebago in Space.  It comes with a detachable nose-cone that can fit into the cargo bay to aid streamlining.


30dton Modules

50 D-ton Modular Cutter (Traveller)

Some more WIP shots of one of my favourite of all Traveller vessels – the 50Dton Modular Cutter.   I was first introduced to deck plans for this ship in Supplement 7: Traders and Gunboats.

Sup7 Tand G

In recent years I got the GURPS Traveller supplement dedicated to this vessel.  One of the better GURPS Traveller books, it is chock full of plans for cutters, cutter modules for every application and jump shuttles for moving modules from star system to star system.

Mod Cutter cover

First off, plan views of the modular cutter showing the vessel with and without a module attached.

Modular Cutter Plan

Side on views of the same vessel with a crewman for scale.

Modular Cutter Side

Coming next – deckplans and some of the more common modules encountered.

Credit – crewman from Brook West (c)2002.

Deckplans for Denoba Class Far Trader

Finished these last night. Hope you can get some use from them.  For Traveller players, fuel storage is in wings.  MS Paint is a pretty simple tool but I am quite happy with the results I got from it.

denoba completed

I had fun doing this, although it took longer than I thought. Might crack out a bulk carrier next.


Type A2 Denoba-class Far Trader (Traveller)

I got bored painting and decided to draw a star ship.  This is my version of the Type A2 Far Trader from Traveller.  Deck plans will follow.  All done in MS Paint because I cannot figure out how to use almost any other paint package.  The style is hopefully a bit like the ships that this guy draws. He does some of the best deck plans around – I love them.  I hope he goes along with the idea that imitation being the sincerest form of flattery because I copied his style as much as I could with the drawing package I have.  A few cut and pastes from his png files as well. The guy is a master.

The Type A2 Far Trader is a small merchantman that carries four crew, six or so passengers and cargo.

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that it bears some resemblance to the Denoba class from Space Opera. No apologies.

denoba wip outline

denoba wip exterior

Aslan Clan Transport (Traveller)

I was going through old files on my laptop and found a deck plan I did of a 600Dton Aslan Clan Transport.  I think I copied it from a picture in the GURPS Traveller rulebook. The great Traveller sci fi artist Jesse de Graf did this wonderful image of the vessel.

Aslan clan transport

Here is the deckplan. Hope it comes in useful.  Note: the crew module has two levels.  Only one level shown on the plan for the FTL drive.Aslan clan transport mk1I also did a version in case you use FTL drive in your game rather than the Traveller Jump Drive.

Aslan clan transport mk FTL