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Scout Service Express Boat – Classic Traveller

One of the staples of canon Traveller is the Imperial X-Boat (Express Boat) network. This uses Jump 4 X-Boats to carry data and communications from system to system, much like the old Pony Express from Terra. In fact the the symbol of the Express Boat Service is a rider on a galloping steed (which due to a misinterpretation of old Anglic was translated as “poni” – a beast of burden on several worlds in the old Sylean Federation – the mistake was discovered but the emblem stayed in use).

                  IISS Express Boat Service Emblem

The Express Boat is a small teardrop shaped 100-Dton jump ship. It has performance of Jump4 but carries no maneuver drives other than attitude thrusters – it is reliant on X-Boat Tenders for refueling, resupply and crew change over.  The crew is normally one, although there are two staterooms. The ship has extensive computers and storage banks for vast amounts of data.  The boats sit on station in a system and when another X-Boat jumps in-system, it transmits it’s stored data to the waiting ship that then jumps to it’s next destination. X-Boat pilots log a lot of Jumps, but spend a lot of time alone.  In Jump Space – with nobody to talk to.

Xboat PArt
Interior Detail of the bridge and communications room.

Here are my plans for the Classic Traveller X-Boat #51216 from Supplement 7: Traders and Gunboats (pages 8-11) and a brief file note on the current main pilot of this particular ship.

Dave Kashikvili (X-Boat Pilot 4 Terms – so far)

Current IISS Rank 2(Messenger 1st Class)

Str 8 (+0) Dex 10 (+1) End 6 (+0) Int 8 (+1) Edu 8 (+1) Soc 7 (+0)

Skills: Pilot(Spacecraft) 2, Comms 2, Astrogation 1, Jack of Trades 1, Engineering 1, Navigation 0, Streetwise 0, Computer 1, Fly (Grav Vehicle) 0, Carouse 1, Investigate 1, Athletics (Golf) 0.

Story: Dave is your typical X-Boat pilot. Happy with his own company and enjoys the freedom to be himself. He has had a fairly mundane career so far with no real problems coming his way. He is however, a bit of a slob, and the X-Boat Tender cleaning crew are forever complaining about the state of his ship when it comes in for servicing. The cleaning chief has reminded him many times that regs do not allow consumption of food at the comms or pilot stations. Like most X-Boat pilots Dave wiles away the long days in Jump Space on hobbies. He reads, watches old Tri-V shows and has recently taken up golf. Apparently his putting is getting better but he needs a lot of work on his long game. Sim-software just not the same as a real game.

X-Boat 100t

Gazelle-class 300 ton Close Escort – Classic Traveller

Everyone and their dog has done a version of the Classic Traveller starhips that we all know – the Type S, the A1 Boewulf, the A2 Empress Mavara and the Close Escort classes. This is my attempt at a deck plan for the Gazelle-class Close Escort.  I have tried to follow the deck plans in GDW Supplement 7: Traders and Gunboats and for the most part it was pretty easy.

300ton Gazelle Class Close Escort thumb

There are a few things that struck me about the description of this ship, and the deckplans on pages 30-35 of Supplement 7.  The first was that the vessel is described as being designed ‘at a time when mutinies were a major threat to security.  As as result major bulkheads break up the ship into distinct areas – some for crew, some for officers and some common to both’.  To be honest, this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.  If all the potential mutineers serving in this class of ship were from the ranks, then why make access to the bridge a simple matter of going through the forward avionics bays? In fact why not, on a ship this small, just have a crew of officers.  I thought – bollocks. The reason for the bulkheads is the fact that the ship is armoured.  I represented this by drawing a thicker hull and lateral bulkheads. It is however, still a cramped little ship. Crew staterooms are all double occupancy and apart from the Captain’s cabin, the other officers personal space is very limited. The galley is tiny and I suspect that on mission the crew are eating reheated MRE type meals for the most part, stored in the cargo bay because there is no storage space in the galley worth mentioning. The second main thing is that this ship design cheats by having 400ton ship armaments on a 300ton hull. I thought the rules said 1 turret per 100tons. I know it has drop tanks that make it up to 400tons but to me that seems a bit cheaty. Still, at the end of the day if it was good enough for Frank Chadwick and Marc W Miller it is good enough for me.

Anyway – here is my attempt at the Classic Traveller ship.  I have omitted the L-Hyd drop tanks – for the sake of these plans they have already been jettisoned.

Full Sized Plans

300ton Gazelle Class Close Escort

20-Dton Imperial Navy Gig

Today’s deckplan is from GDW’s Classic Traveller  Supplement 7: Traders and Gunboats (pages 33-34).   A Tech Level 14 Imperial Navy Gig. It is capable of 6G acceleration and is armed with a single laser. It has a crew of one and can carry an additional seven passengers. It has 2 tons of cargo space and in a cramped compartment underneath the main deck there are emergency low berths for up to twelve people so it can operate as a lifeboat if necessary.  This vessel is carried on many classes of Imperial ship but most often seen in conjunction with the small Gazelle-class Close Escort.

The description of this gig has emergency low berths for twelve people but on the original GDW deck plans I could not see where they would go so added them to a sub deck. I figure this is a very low and cramped space.

20ton gig thumb

High Guard Stats:

Imperial Navy Gig   GG-0106B1-000000-20000-0   MCr27.65                   20 tons

Agility 6, One battery of Lasers (Factor 2)                       Crew: 1 TL: 14

Passengers: 7,  Emergency Low Berths 3(for 12 people), Cargo: 2 tons, Fuel 2.2 Tons, EP=2.2

Full sized Deck Plans

20ton gig

1000-Dton Pod Merchant Freighter

This freighter is a workhorse to haul cargo between systems. It consists of a 200-dton main ship module that contains crew quarters, drives, power plants and enough fuel to run them.  This module attaches to a 200-dton fuel module that holds the fuel required to power the Jump Drive. Behind this a 600-dton cargo module can be attached.

The idea is that the fuel and cargo modules are pre-prepared by the freight company. The ship docks with the attached modules, jumps to target destination and offloads both fuel and cargo modules and picks up a fresh load for the next leg of it’s jump.  The cargo module shown in the plans below is a standard pressurised cargo module. Other modules include bulk ore/gas/liquid modules and passenger modules.

1000 ton Cargo Pod Carrier Detail

Classic Traveller stats (from High Guard Shipyards)

AH-A721221-000000-10000-0 MCr 402.100 1 KTons
Bat Bear                   1       Crew: 8
Bat                        1       TL: 11

Cargo: 613 Crew Sections: 1 of 8 Fuel: 220 EP: 20 Agility: 1

Architects Fee: MCr 4.021   Cost in Quantity: MCr 321.680

Detailed Description
(High Guard Design)

1,000.000 tons standard, 14,000.000 cubic meters, Dispersed Structure Configuration

Pilot, Navigator, 4 Engineers, Medic, Gunner

Jump-2, 1G Manuever, Power plant-2, 20.000 EP, Agility 1

Bridge, Model/2 Computer

2 Hardpoints

2 Dual Beam Laser Turrets organised into 1 Battery (Factor-1)



220 Tons Fuel (2 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance)
No Fuel Scoops, No Fuel Purification Plant

8 Staterooms, 2 Low Berths, 613 Tons Cargo


MCr 406.121 Singly (incl. Architects fees of MCr 4.021), MCr 321.680 in Quantity

120 Weeks Singly, 96 Weeks in Quantity

1000 ton Pod Carrier Blue Outline plus Fuel-Cargo Pods

1000 ton Cargo Pod Carrier Internal Named

1000 ton Cargo Pod Carrier Fuel Module Internal Named

1000 ton Cargo Pod Carrier Cargo Module Internal Named

Tramps #2: The Pink Lady

The Pink Lady (Converted Type S Scout/Courier)

Type S Pink Lady Thumb

This vessel has been heavily converted to operate as a bar and bordello. Jump drives and fuel tanks have been removed so it is limited to in-system voyages. When moving system to system, the vessel requires transport on some other Jump capable starship.

While the owner and crew can be accommodated on board (using staterooms and lounge conversions) they are usually accommodated off ship when and where possible.

Farla Ilishiugi (Business Owner)

Str 6 (+0) Dex 6 (+0) End 8 (+0) Int 9 (+1) Edu 9 (+1) Soc 8 (+0)

Skills: Admin 2, Computer 1, Pilot (Non Starships) 0, Streetwise 3, Advocate 1, Gambler 1, Persuade 1, Steward 2, Trade 1, Broker 1, Acting 2, Deception 2

Story: Farla Ilishiugi is the bar owner and madam of The Pink Lady, an iconic space ship known throughout the sector. The Pinky Lady is a converted Scout/Courier, stripped of jump drives and almost all fuel tankage to make room for the bar area and “staterooms”. Farla began her career working bars and clubs catering to asteroid belt miners and parlayed common sense and good money management into her own establishment. She is smart, knows how to deal with local authorities and is a good source of information – for a price.

Doug McMillan (Bouncer, 3 Terms)

Str 10 (+1) Dex 9 (+1) End 9 (+1) Int 8 (+0) Edu 6 (+0) Soc 5 (-1)

Skills: Pilot (Non Starships) 1, Gun Combat (Pistols) 1, Streetwise 1, Persuade 2, Drive (Wheeled) 0, Fly (Grav Vehicles) 1, Investigate 0, Deception 0, Melee (Unarmed Combat 1), Melee (Bludgeons) 3, Athletics (weights) 1, Mechanic 1, Engineer (Life Support) 0.

Story: Loyal worker and security for The Pink Lady. He is polite, professional and wicked with a stun stick. Doubles as pilot and general Mr Fix-it on the ship.

Sarah Goldsmith (Worker, 2 Terms)

Str 6 (+0) Dex 8 (+0) End 7 (+0) Int 8 (+0) Edu 6 (+0) Soc 6 (+0)

Skills: Drive (Wheeled) 0, Fly (Grav) 0, Seafarer (Motor boats) 0, Streetwise 1, Steward 2, Trade (Barman) 2, Carouse 2, Melee (Unarmed Combat) 1.

Story: Sarah is a good bar-sophont. She is attractive and knows how to mix most popular drinks by hand, rather than using the automated Cocktail-omat. Handy for when it breaks down. Been working on the Lady for a year and enjoys the adventure.

Corine Blindisi (Receptionist/Manager/Medic, 2 Terms)

Str 10 (+1) Dex 8 (+0) End 9 (+1) Int 7 (+0) Edu 7 (+0) Soc 7 (+0)

Skills: Drive (Wheeled) 0, Fly (Grav Vehicles) 0, Streetwise 1, Steward 2, Trade (Service industry) 1, Medic 1, Gun Combat (Stunners) 1, Admin 1.

Story: Corine’s job on the Lady is to look after the talent. Farla usually employs local talent where ever she sets up shop and it is Corine’s job to look after the day to day operation of ‘below decks’ – doing routine med-scans of both clients and staff, managing their time and of course, the money. Not the job she thought she would land but it got her off her dead-end home world.

Pink Lady Talent

Typically the Pink Lady operates with 2-3 servers working the bar and between 2-6 working girls/boys. Some stay for some time, but most are short term hires on a percentage of earnings. Farla has a reputation of looking after her staff and it is well earned.

Alternative Pink Lady

In this version the ship is a totally non-functioning starship that has been converted to a bar at the local Startown. It is one of those places that everyone knows. I mean how many pink Type S bars are there in Startown?


  1. Planetfall Liberty. You are back in port after your last mission/trading journey/adventure and are looking to blow off some steam. The famous Pink Lady is in port. Why not visit it and see if her reputation is justified.
  2. Indentured Worker. In this version the Pink Lady’s downstairs staff are not free agents but indentured workers. The bargirl or boy you are carousing with tells you s/he wants to get away – will you help her/him jump contract? She/He is pretty persuasive and very cute.
  3. A job. Farla Ilishiugi hears of your reputation and offers you a job. Local organized crime are trying to muscle in on her operation and are demanding a percentage (you know – to avoid accidents and the like). The percentage is more than she is prepared to pay so wants some protection for the next two months. Discrete protection. Preferably outside the ship protection.
  4. A lead tells you that some specific information you are looking for could be obtained from the owner of the Pink Bar. She has the information, but wants something in return.
    1. Information on a rival’s business and financial dealings – specifically who and what business they are doing with the people that run this particular place.
    2. One of her ‘girls’ got kidnapped. Maybe a rival but more than likely an infatuated customer. Either way, get her back.
    3. One of her ‘girls’ has skipped on her contract. She owes six months more work. Get her back.


100 dton Pink Lady

Plans with crew, staff and customers over the break.

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Thieves #1: Crimson Star (Bounty Hunter ship)

OK: They are not technically thieves but you tell that to the person who just had their ship repossessed.

Type S Thumb

Ravi Naidu Bounty Hunter (5 terms)

Str 8 (+0) Dex 8 (+0) End 7 (+0) Int 12 (+2) Edu 10 (+1) Soc 5 (-1)

Skills: Advocate 1, Computers 0, Carouse 1, Deception 1, Gun Combat (Stunners) 1, Gun Combat (Pistols) 1, Investigate 2, Persuade 0, Melee (Unarmed Combat) 1, Pilot (Spacecraft) 1, Comms 1, Medic 1, Jack of Trade 1

Story: Ravi Naidu is an experienced bounty hunter. He specializes in the capture and return of criminals and bail jumpers. He tries to operate within the law as far as he can but as you know, the line between legal and illegal gets blurry at times. He is partners with Kevarn Oosthuizen, who is a specialist Ship Tracer. The synergies between their two specialties makes them an effective team. Ravi is single but has friends he sees in various ports of call.

Kevarn Oosthuizen Bounty Hunter (4 Terms)

Str 8 (+0) Dex 10 (+1) End 8 (+0) Int 9 (+1) Edu 9 (+1) Soc 5 (-1)

Skills: Advocate 1, Computers 1, Carouse 0, Deception 1, Gun Combat (Pistols) 0, Investigate 2, Persuade 1, Pilot (Spacecraft) 1, Astrogation 1, Gunner (Turrets) 1, Sensors 1

You lost a starship? Have a bad mortgage on a Free Trader? Then RK Collections Ltd is your first port of call. Kevarn is an experienced ship tracer. He can track a ship across sectors if necessary. He is partners with Ravi Naidu and has contacts in spaceports across the sector. Kevarn is married and has two children on his homeworld.

Their ship, the MV Crimson Star, is a converted Type S Scout/Courier. Two staterooms on the main deck have been modified as brigs. Another brig has been installed in the cargo bay as well as three low berths for troublesome prisoners. Other than that it is a standard Type S capable of Jump 2 and 2 G Acceleration.

Possible Scenarios:

1. RK Collections hires the PCs to return a repossessed ship to the financial institution that owns it. The ex-owners are none to happy and together with some friends try to get the ship back.

2.  Due to a past indiscretion (perhaps a result of one of those life events rolled in character creation) there is an outstanding warrant open on one of the PCs in your party.  RK Collections apprehend the PC while the party is on liberty at the local Startown. How do you go about freeing your comrade?  Can you argue a good case at an extradition hearing or will you resort to other means?

3.  RK Collections has a big job and a risky bounty. They require some extra muscle to act as backup.  Interested?

Ships plans overleaf:

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Tramps #1 The Gypsy Rover

The first in a series.  I had a bit of fun with this. Wanted to do something a bit different and I don’t think I bent the rules too much.  I have not done this vessel in Mongoose Traveller but have stats for both GURPS and High Guard.

First off – the ship in GURPS format – made with the wonderful Gurps Modular Vehicles software package.


140-ton Unique-class Free Trader, MV Gypsy Rover (TL10)

Crew: 2-4

Design: 140-ton SL (FSL) Hull, DR 100, 1 Full Rotation Barbette (0.8 dtons available; DR 100) with one 250 Mj Std Laser, one Sand Caster [200], one Lt Missile Rack [82], one Lt Missile Turret Load [x82], one Sand Caster Quarter Load [x50].

Modules: Basic Bridge, 3 Jump Drive, 20 Maneuver Drive (800 stons thrust), 14 Cryonic Internal Tank (Fire 13), Sm Fuel Processor, Utility, 8 Stateroom, Emergency Aid Station, 1 Hold, Smuggler’s, 50 Hold, Spacedock (10-ton Launch).

Statistics: EMass 297.08 stons, LMass 552.08 stons, Cost MCr22.9, HP: 22,500 (DT 2,250), Size Modifier: +8, HT 12, Maint. 4.2 Hrs (23 man-hrs./day).

Performance: Jump-1, sAccel 1.45 G / 1.49 G (empty tanks), Air Speed 600 mph, Dodge 1 + 1/2 Pilot Skill (-4 vs Meson Fire).

Printed with GMV Version 2.32.01 on 8/06/2015 7:14:19 p.m.
Copyright © 2015 by Brian Smaller


High Guard

Tech Level: 10


AX-1411111-030000-10001-0 MCr 44.296 140 Tons

Bat Bear                                 1          1    1   Crew: 2

Bat                                          1          1      1   TL: 10

Cargo: 50.800 Crew Sections: 1 of 2 Fuel: 15.400 EP: 1.400 Agility: 0

Craft: 1 x 10T Launch

Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification

Detailed Description

(High Guard Design)


140.000 tons standard, 1,960.000 cubic meters, Close Structure Configuration


Pilot, Gunner


Jump-1, 1G Manuever, Power plant-1, 1.400 EP, Agility 0


Bridge, Model/1 Computer


1 Hardpoint


1 Triple Mixed Turret with: 1 Beam Laser (Factor-1), 1 Missile Rack (Factor-1).


1 Sandcaster in the Mixed Turret, organised into 1 Battery (Factor-3)


1 10.000 ton Launch (Crew of 0, Cost of MCr 0.000)


15.400 Tons Fuel (1 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance)

On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant


6 Staterooms, 50.800 Tons Cargo

The GYPSY ROVER – a unique 140D-Ton Tramp Trader

The Gypsy Rover is a unique starship. It is a jump capable ship cobbled together from parts of other vessels. The main hulls are two 50-Dton modular cutters. The cutter modules on this ship are not readily detachable and changing them would take some serious effort. The ship is streamlined but unwieldy, requiring careful piloting during critical times such as entering or leaving atmospheres and during wilderness refueling. The ship cannot enter atmosphere with the small 10-Dton shuttle attached. This is either left in orbit or flown down separately if required. Originally built by Eneri and Will’s father Gil Macklin, it has been well maintained and despite its odd appearance is a solid and reliable ship. The Gypsy Rover is usually found on the Jump 1 main but occasionally it can be found further afield; demountable internal tanks in the cargo space can be used to give her longer legs.

The important thing about this ship is that while is it a trading vessel it is also the home of the Macklin Family. They live here and have converted it to be as comfortable as any housing hab planet-side. Sometimes they take passengers (there are two cramped middle passage berths available). Passengers eat and live with the family, for the most part, so they are fairly particular about who they sell passage to.

The Family (I generated these characters using Mongoose Traveller and some tweaking.

Eneri Macklin, his wife Mika and their four children (ranging from eight year old twins, Grif and Zander, their music loving son 14 year old Steve and their computer whizz daughter 16 year old Sha).   Also aboard is Eneri’s younger brother Will and his girlfriend, Fujiko.

Eneri Macklin

Age: 42, 3 Terms: Merchant (Crew), 3 Terms (Free Trader)

Str 8 (+0) Dex 7 (+0) End 8 (+0) Int 10 (+1) Edu 8 (+0) Soc 5 (-1)

Skills: Computers 1, Vacc Suit 1, Broker 1, Mechanic 1, Persuade 1, Zero G 1, Advocate 1, Leadership 2, Engineer (Life Support) 2, Pilot (Spacecraft) 1, Engineer (Jump Drive 1), Gun Combat (Pistols) 0, Jack of Trades 1, Astrogation 1

Story:   Eneri has spent his life aboard the Rover and loves the ship like it is part of his actual family. He inherited command when his father passed away five years ago. As a trader he tries to stay as legitimate as he can, but does the odd extra-legal job here and there. After all, what is illegal cargo on one planet is probably legal somewhere else – the rest is just bureaucracy.

Mika Macklin-Stegenga

Age: 38, 1 Term Wanderer(Hitchhiker), 4 Terms (Free Trader Crew)

Str 6 (+0) Dex 7 (+0) End 8 (+0) Int 12 (+2) Edu 9 (+1) Soc 5 (-1)

Skills: Streetwise 1, Recon 0, Stealth 0, Vacc Suit 1, Persuade 1, Melee (Unarmed) 1, Jack of Trades 1, Computers 1, Gunner (Turrets) 2, Steward 1, Pilot (Spacecraft) 0, Medic 1, Gun Combat (Pistols) 0, Sensors 1, Animals (Farming) 0, Survival 0, Drive 0

Story: Mika left her home planet to see the stars. Life on a low tech agricultural world was not for her. She spent several years working passage and drifting from world to world. On one trip she met a young Free Trader and they have been together ever since. She has become skilled at many of the tasks required of a free trader crewman. She can put her hand to most things – from helping with the kid’s schooling to fighting off pirates as the ship’s gunner.

Will Macklin

Age: 36, 3 Terms Junk Dealer (Refurbisher), 1.5 Terms (Free Trader)

Str 10 (+1) Dex 7 (+0) End 8 (+0) Int 8 (+0) Edu 8 (+0) Soc 6 (+0)

Skills: Melee (Unarmed) 1, Investigate 0, Mechanic 2, Pilot (Small Craft) 2, Pilot (Starship) 0, Trade (Salvage/Repair) 1, Vacc Suit 1, Engineer (Maneuver Drives) 2, Engineer (Jump Drives) 2, Engineer (Electronics 1), Gun Combat (Rifles) 1, Jack of Trades 1, Computer 0.

Story: Will is the younger of the two Macklin boys. He left the ship when he was in his late teens and worked for a family friend, refurbishing old ships for sale. After their father died he returned to help his older brother run the ship and the family business. He is a skilled mechanic and ship’s engineer. Like his older brother he can put his hand to any pretty much any task required on a small starship. Six months ago he met Fujiko Harris at a startown bar. He thinks that she might be ‘the one’.

Fujiko Harris

Age: 26 2 Terms Entertainer (Performer)

Str 7 (+0) Dex 12 (+2) End 10 (+1) Int 7 (+0) Edu 6 (+0) Soc 4 (-1)

Skills: Art (Dancing) 3, Carouse 1, Deception 2, Persuade 1, Steward 0, Computer 0, Survival 0, Drive 0

Story: Good looking, leggy and from a poor family. Fujiko worked as a waitress and dancer in a startown bar on her homeworld when she met Will Macklin. After an on and off relationship (he was away a lot) she chucked her job and moved in with him. What her exact role on the ship entails is open to debate – but the kids like her.

Sha Macklin

Age 16, 0 Terms

Str 6 +0) Dex 9 (+1) End 7 (+0) Int 12 (+2) Edu 8 (+0) Soc 5 (-1)

Skills: Computer 2, Vacc Suit 0, Zero G 0

Story: The eldest of the Macklin children. At sixteen she is not sure what she wants to do in the future. She thinks that eventually her future will involve the Rover but in what capacity she is not sure. She is a natural with computers and is a talented programmer.

Steve Macklin

Age 14, 0 Terms

Str 7 (+0) Dex 7 (+0) End 8 (+0) Int 10 (+1) Edu 7 (+0) Soc 5 (-1)

Skills: Vacc Suit 0, Zero G 0, Art (Instrument) 1

Story: Steve is currently obsessed with music. He is quite talented and composes and performs. He wants to go to a music academy see where that takes him. Meanwhile, he has duties on the ship that include maintenance and cleaning – both of which he performs but with little enthusiasm.

Grif and Zander Macklin (The Twins)

Age 8, 0 Terms

Str 4 (-1) Dex 8 (+0) End 6 (+0) Int 10 (+1) Edu 5 (-1) Soc 5(-1)

Skills: Vacc Suit 0, Zero G 0, Computers 0

Story: Inseparable twins, they know every nook and cranny on the ship. Their favourite place is their ‘fort’ in the upper starboard crawlspace. Normal kids.

SHIP PLANS overleaf

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Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

A sneak look at my next set of deck plans. Still working on this. Not every ship in the galaxy is an off the shelf model. Some are anything but. This is a heavily converted and modified vessel made up of parts from at least three other ships – maybe more.  Currently working on the final details and also the crew in Traveller stats – along with some possible patron encounters for your player group.


And some interior details.

  Junker detail

2000-Dton Heavy Merchant Deck Three


Third and final deck for this ship. The main cargo deck. In the ‘loaded’ image below you can see a complete load out with containerised cargo. I didn’t quite draw the cargo deck to optimise every bit of space but I am sure you get the general idea.  I will post the ship stats for this vessel this week. I have decided to do them in Classic Traveller (both High Guard and LBB), GURPS and Mongoose Traveller. The latter I have not tried yet as a rule-set but will give it a crack.

Hope you get some use out of these plans and found them at least a bit interesting.

Heavy Merchant - Deck Three Cargo Named 2

2000-Dton Heavy Merchant (Deck Two)

She was the pride of the Imperial side,

Coming back from some world in the Marches.

-Apologies to Gordon Lightfoot

Deck Two. This deck is given over to smaller cargo, the boat bay, lower engineering and fuel storage (not mapped).  To see other decks of this vessel click on the ‘2000ton Freighter’ tag at the bottom of the post.

Deck Two detail
Deck Two Detail: Cargo being unloaded from one of the ship’s launches.

Heavy Merchant - Deck Two Cargo Named WM