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10-Dton Shuttle

reduc_10ton space plane

Need to get to that rendezvous in orbit with that Merchant Ship?  Got to make a meeting on Ganymede Station and the Red Eye was overbooked? You need a personal 10-Dton Shuttle.  Wings give that extra bit of stability in atmosphere and fold up for ease of storage in even the smallest space dock. A crew of one is required and it can carry up to three passengers and some luggage. The basic model illustrated has no bathroom so please make sure you go before lift-off.

Full size plans

10ton space plane

H/T: Forgot to include this and was reminded so by a reader. The shape of this shuttle comes from the FGU game Space Opera (Seldon’s Compenium of Starcraft I) to be exact.

Traveller Small Craft: New Launch Models

reduc_20 Dton Launch Alternatives

I wanted a different launch for my 2000 Dton Jump Freighter I am working on. The shuttle bay just didn’t fit the standard ‘Traveller’ launch designs – so the deck plan elves got busy.  After I finished these I was watching an episode of Firefly and thought that I should do a ‘Courtesan’s Launch’ . That is next in the construction array.

Full Scale Deck Plans

20 Dton Launch Alternatives

2000 Dton Modular Freighter

Finally got the first of my big freighter deck plans finished.  This vessel is designed to carry 30Dton cutter modules over interstellar distances. It is built at Tech Level 12 and is capable of Jump 2. Maximum acceleration is 1G. It has a crew of thirty officers and men.  It can carry 34 modules in dedicated docking ports plus 2 more in the two 50 Dton Modular Cutters. It also has a docking bay for two 20 Dton Launches.  It also has hanger space for four small Cargo Tugs used for maneuvering modules into position.  It is armed with eight laser turrets and two sand-caster turrets, all controlled from the bridge.

Deck Layout

Conway Class Module Carrier - Deck Layout Diagram

Plan View of Vessel (large)

Conway Class Module Carrier - Black Outline

Deck One

Bridge Deck: Contains the bridge, main computer and the Captain’s quarters and office. A lift connects with Decks B and C.

Conway Class Modular Freighter A Deck

Deck Two

Officer’s Accommodation:  Staterooms for eleven officers and their wardroom. Lift connects with A (Bridge) and C (Crew) Decks.

Conway Class Modular Freighter B Deck

Deck Three

Crew Quarters:  Staterooms and facilities for the rest of the crew. This deck also has the main access to the module docking spine.  The spine also contains fuel tanks.  Modules only have access to the docking arms via their top deck airlocks. This deckplan shows a variety of modules  – I mean I had to use all those deck plans I already had prepared (see here and here for for full plans for the modules shown).  A Lift connects with B and A Deck. Port and Starboard are lifts that connect with all decks below this deck.

Conway Class Modular Freighter C Deck

Deck Four

Boat Deck: Docking for the two 50-Dton cutters, two 20 Dton Launches and four Cargo Bugs.  Also two small internal cargo bays.  Port and Starboard lifts connect with C (Crew) Deck and lower decks.

Conway Class Modular Freighter Deck D

Deck Five

Fuel Deck: Apart from a gangway, lift access and two fuel monitoring stations this deck is entirely given over to fuel storage.

Conway Class Modular Freighter E Deck

Deck Six

Engineering: This deck contains drives and power plants. Also the workshops and stores required to keep the vessel running. Additional Cargo space is located here for small volume cargo, accessed through a cargo lock in the ship’s belly.

Conway Class Modular Freighter F Deck

Conway Class Module Carrier - Black Outline reduced

Traveller Small Craft: 20-Dton Launch

While working on deck plans for the 2000-Dton Freighter I realised that I did not have any plans for the two launches that the vessel carries.  This is the standard Traveller 20Dton Launch. There are many variants of this small craft and I have knocked out some plans for some of the more common ones.   If you have any other ideas let me know and I will add them to the list. I dropped the fuel storage from these plans – assuming that the tanks are under the main deck.  These models are built at Tech Level 10.

Cargo Launch: 1-2 Crew, 1G Acceleration, 7 tons cargo.

Standard Launch: 1-2 Crew, 1 G Acceleration, 6 Passengers, 4 tons cargo.

Fast Launch: 1-2 Crew, 3G Acceleration, 6 passengers, 2.6 tons cargo.

Commuter Launch: 1-2 Crew, 1G Acceleration, 20 passengers, 0.5 tons cargo (baggage only)

VIP Launch: 1-2 Crew, 1 G Acceleration, 2-4 passengers, 1 ton cargo, 2 staterooms (lounge area converts to sleeping quarters).

10 Dton Launch

PS: I was asked where the battery goes.

Six New 30 Dton Modules for Traveller

Six new deck plans for some common and not so common modules for use with modular cutters and modular freight star ships.

Bulk Chemical Module – as it says – fill it up with whatever gas or chemicals you need to transport.

Hydroponics Module – Growing beds and the machinery to support them. Includes a control station and small office.  Polarized windows allow access to direct sunlight.

Dining Car Module – A galley and cramped seating for up to 96 diners. Usually used on Modular jump ships carrying lots of passengers in cramped quarters.  Talking of which….

High Capacity Berthing Module – Five bunk rooms each with 16 bunks and lockers (80 passengers). Shared toilet/shower facilities. Small cargo space mainly used for luggage and supplies. Most commonly seen used in in-system transport.

Search and Rescue Module – This module has large electromagnetic clamps that can grip onto a star ship hull and a large rescue air lock (and associated cutting gear to make an entrance into a ship’s hull. Eight emergency low berths are available for evacuees.

Recovery Module – Essentially a crane module. Used for recovery of vehicles or for those times when a conventional crane is not available or feasible. Clamps hold the ‘cargo’ in place.

Six New Modules

For more modules check out this post.

Alternative 100Dton Scout/Courier

I was browsing Star Wars deckplans the other day on the internet and came across this ship – the CU-37 Light Courier and it’s extended version, the CU-37XL.  It looked as if it could be Traveller-ised. So here is a 100 Displacement Ton (Dton) Scout/Courier/Small Packet merchant.  This is a no-frills craft.

Performance is Jump 2, with Maneuver Drive 2 and a Type 2 Fusion Powerplant. The standard Traveller Scout/Courier has four staterooms that can accommodate up to eight people (at a stretch).  This vessel can also carry eight people, but staterooms are more sleeping pods – kind of like those coffin hotels in Japan (but brought as four normal Traveller staterooms). Beds can be stowed to provide a small desk or sitting area. There is one communal fresher and one head in this ship. A small galley (unusable when the forward entry ramp is deployed) and a crew lounge (really just the main passageway) are available to give the crew a bit more space.

Engineering pods containing the drives and power plant are located at pods at the end of the short wings, accessed through a connecting corridor.  This vessel carries a total of 32Dtons of fuel is bunkered in wing tanks and in two tanks at the rear of the ship.  This allows one Interstellar Jump 2 and an additional Jump1 without refueling. The vessel is streamlined and has fuel scoops and purifiers.

Aft is a small cargo bay that can hold an Air/Raft and up to 4 tons of cargo (8 tons if no Air/Raft is carried). A loading door is installed in the floor.  At the end of the ship is a standard docking airlock. The layout means that clambering over and around cargo is routine aboard this vessel.

There is one ventral turret that is controlled from the bridge.

CU-37XL Scout Courier (Alt)(H/T Star Wars Deck Plan Alliance)

High Guard Statistics:

Ship: LNV Simpson
Class: Type S
Type: Scout
Architect: League of Suns Naval
Tech Level: 11

S-1222221-030000-10001-0 MCr 58.142 100 Tons
Bat Bear               1          1      1   Crew: 2
Bat                        1          1      1   TL: 11

Cargo: 4 Crew Sections: 1 of 2 Fuel: 32 EP: 2 Agility: 1
Craft: 1 x 4T Air/Raft
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification

Architects Fee: MCr 0.581   Cost in Quantity: MCr 46.514

Detailed Description
(High Guard Design)

100.000 tons standard, 1,400.000 cubic meters, Cone Configuration

Pilot, Gunner

Jump-2, 2G Manuever, Power plant-2, 2.000 EP, Agility 1

Bridge, Model/2 Computer

1 Hardpoint

1 Triple Mixed Turret with: 1 Beam Laser (Factor-1), 1 Missile Rack (Factor-1).

1 Sandcaster in the Mixed Turret, organised into 1 Battery (Factor-3)

1 4.000 ton Air/Raft (Crew of 0, Cost of MCr 0.000)

32 Tons Fuel (3 parsecs jump and 28 days endurance)
On Board Fuel Scoops, On Board Fuel Purification Plant

4 Staterooms, 4 Tons Cargo