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Banned from Battlefront’s Flames of War Forum


Today I got an email from Chris Townley (Design Studio Manager at Battlefront) with this rather terse sentence.

Hi Brian,

your forum account on the Flames Of War site has been deleted at the request of the senior management.

Chris Townley

Battlefront Miniatures

Well, I wondered why – I had hardly said or done anything controversial at the Battle Front Forum. The sum total of my contribution was posting a link to my painted Battlefront Stuart Recce tanks post (in the Galleries section), and to some of my Monday Music posts that had themes that may or may not interest people interested in social history of WWII and Vietnam War (in the Canteen section – the appropriate part of the forum for such posts).

Here is what I wrote about their Vietnam range:

Battle Front’s Tour of Duty line.  Quite extensive and looks pretty good. I have only ever seen the models in blisters but I am guessing that they are of the same pretty high standard as the rest of the BF line – arguments over the shape of a T-55′s turret notwithstanding.

Still waiting to see if I get a response from Chris as to why my account was removed, but I have to ask – has Battlefront become thinner skinned than an Opel Blitz truck?

Paint Transportation Module.

My life is somewhat nomadic. I live week about between the Woolshed (Oeta Homestead) and Wellington.  This map shows the relative locations.


That means that I am away from home between 5-7 days at a time and living at my other home. This is how I have been transporting my painting gear for the last few years. Actually, this is an improvement because for most of the time I was using an old cardboard banana box.


It is a pain to carry, to find anything in and where-ever I leave it it looks messy.  Today I acquired this – an old Sewing Box.  This will be my new retro Paint Transportation Module.


I was amazed – it is exactly what I needed. Takes up bugger all space, has a handle, little legs and even better it was full of old wooden cotton reels.  I use these to mount my figures on for painting.


Not sure what I will keep in the fold out bits but I am sure I will think of something.


A quick sand and re-varnish will have this old Sewing Kit – sorry – Paint Transportation Module – looking tip top.

Monday Music: 55 Days at Peking

One of my all time favourite movies is 55 Days at Peking, starring David Niven, Charlton Heston and Ava Gardner.

I am always looking for something else to waste my hobby spend on and did a little search on what was available for this period in 25/28mm. I have not looked at what is available in other scales but there sure seems to be a lot of 15-20mm stuff available if that is your preferred scale.

In no particular order:

Boxer Rebellion figures from Old Glory. They cover the Great Powers and there is even a set of civilian volunteers. The Boxers are covered quite well with a dozen or so sets including Chinese Regulars and Tartar Cavalry.

Boxer Rebellion by Redoubt Enterprises.   This range covers all the Great Powers, the Boxers and even the Relief Column that broke the siege.  The Redoubt catalogue has photos of pretty much all the figures in the range. The International Gun “Betsy” is one of my favourite pieces in this range.

Cellmate Miniatures have a Boxer Rebellion Range in 25mm.  I have never heard of these guys before.  Figures are pretty basic but cheap and there are plenty of photos. The web site includes a pdf ruleset for the Boxer Rebellion.

Irregular Miniatures has some Boxer Rebellion miniatures in their Colonial range. The Boxer infantry look quite nice.

Kennington Miniatures has early Chinese. I am not sure who owns these now but I think they are available from SHQ.

Matchlock Miniatures available from Caliver Books has a late 19th Century Colonial range. No pictures of models that I could see but a large range.

Ral Partha Boxer Range. The only place I could find these was at Great Endeavours in the UK. Plenty of pics of models too.

Studio Miniatures.  I cannot say anything about this range because my virus and firewall told me that the site was dangerous – it had a thing called Blackhole Exploit Kit lurking on the main site. Read about that here.

Oshiro Model Terrain has some really nice Boxer Rebellion Japanese. Worth a look.

Castaway Arts make some very very cool Chinese of the period. Definately worth a second look.

There are others but I have got bored looking. Short attention span strikes again.  If you know of others please leave details in the comments and I will update this post accordingly.

And if you want to watch the whole movie it is on YouTube.

boxer rebellion image