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28mm Armed Monks (Peninsular War)

I wanted  a small band of armed monks, either to stand as their own unit or to be part of a larger guerrilla force for Peninsular War games. I had the Perry Carlist armed monks for some time, but decided to round the unit out with a some figures from the East Riding Miniatures line of Spanish irregulars for the Napoleonic Wars.


First off, these East Riding guys are huge. They are at the top end of 28mm scale. The monk in the firing pose is 33mm from sole to eye. That is a full 5mm taller than the Perry Miniatures that they are based alongside. If you go the the East Riding Miniatures website I have to say that the photos do not do these models justice at all. Way better in the flesh, so to speak.


You can see the elevation of the front figures to even out the height overall.


Where there are a mix of manufacturers on the same base I based the larger figure at the back of the base and mounted the Perry figures a good 5-6mm higher at the front.ImageI think it looks OK, despite the height difference of the miniatures.


28mm Spanish Guerrilla Band (Front Rank)

No Peninsular War game can really be complete without a small band of Spanish Guerrillas to harry the flanks of the French and disrupt their columns of march. I have already painted up the Brigade Games Spanish guerrillas as a militia regiment so decided to use Front Rank for my first actual Guerrilla band.

One thing that you can always be assured of when you buy Front Rank figures is that they are well cast, clean, take paint well and are damned well fed. These guys are obviously doing pretty well looting French supply wagons.

ImageThis unit is just sixteen figures strong. I based them on 40x40mm laser-cut MDF bases. Bases are finished with Polyfilla, painted and flocked with the addition of some grass and flower tufts.

ImageThey are mounted two to three to a base, to reflect their irregular and skirmish deployment. I am in the process of painting a couple of character figures who will be based separately for Sharpe Practice games.

ImageHere they are taking cover behind a wall to ambush some unsuspecting French.



ImageThese Front Rank figures some with a variety of headgear – from berets and scarves to top hats.

ImageThe figure of the man pointing a pistol wearing cape is probably my favourite figure amongst this group that I purchased.

ImageI also like this officer with his death’s head insignia on his top hat.

ImageI am planning on one more irregular infantry unit – a Small unit of armed Spanish monks. I already have four Perry miniatures left over and have just ordered some more from East Riding Miniatures to finish them off.