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More Norse Dwarves

The last of the old Citadel and Marauder Norse Dwarves I brought in London when I was a callow twenty-something.  Really enjoyed painting these. I would like to say a nice break from painting Napoleonics or Zulus but seeing as I have painted neither of those periods pretty much all year  it would be bit of a stretch.

The only Old School Dwarves I have left is one of the original Dwarf Flame Cannons. Maybe the next project….



Old Citadel/Marauder Norse Dwarves

More from the lead mountain that finally got some paint on them. I brought all these miniatures in the UK in 1988-90.  These are all old Citadel Norse Dwarves and some Marauder Norse Dwarves.

How old? The wild guys are marked as “Berserkers” not Troll Slayers. Back when dwarves were not so fat – just like me.

I really like these figures – a variety of styles and sizes, from quite lean dwarves to the traditional fatsos. That their noses remind me of most of my family may also have something to do with it.