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Some sneak looks at the Anzac Diorama

Well, not really at the diorama because that is under wraps until the official unveiling. All photos from the official Anzac Diorama blog.

perrys 1
                     Where’s Mehmet?
Detail of vegetation.
                       Detail of vegetation.
perry jackson
     A fraction of the Turks and some celebs.
turks 1
                         More Turks.
Painting anzac diorama 3
Repairs and paint touch-ups took a lot of time.
Painting anzac diorama 2
Painting anzac diorama 1           Yours truly repainting tunics and trousers.
Painting anzac diorama
Grou p shot Day 2 Anzac Diroama                                  Day 2 Team Shot.
                      Who invited these jokers?