WIP – Heavy Merchant (2,000 Dtons)

My favourite role-playing game is Classic Traveller by Games Designer Workshop.  I love the whole concept of the Traveller RPG and even quite like the ‘official’ Traveller Universe. I have not done any Traveller Deck plans for ages and have had this one on the back-burner. Recently got it out and started work on it … Continue reading WIP – Heavy Merchant (2,000 Dtons)

GM Recalls Dual Module Haulers due to defects.

GM (Glisten Motors) today recalled all models of their popular Dual Module In-System Hauler today after journalists discovered that it was a pile of crap.  A new model is being rushed into production that actually includes usable airlocks and docking spines for modules. The new model is expected to be available this week in limited … Continue reading GM Recalls Dual Module Haulers due to defects.

What is the Woolshed?

My name is Brian Smaller. I live on a lifestyle block in rural New Zealand in a place called Ngaturi which is in the picturesque Mangamahu Valley.  This is in the North Island of New Zealand.  I have been a war-gamer since I was about seven years old. The hobby has kept me company, with … Continue reading What is the Woolshed?

Ship’s Boat 30-Dtons – Classic Traveller

One of the fellow “Travellers” over at Citizens of the Imperium asked me if I could do a version of one of his ships. It looked quite cool – a mash-up conversion of several vessels. I already had a deck plan for one, but needed a deck plan for the ubiquitous “Ship’s Boat”. So, instead … Continue reading Ship’s Boat 30-Dtons – Classic Traveller