In-system Modular Cutter Hauler (Traveller)

URGENT NEWS: THIS VESSEL RECALLED DUE TO FEARS OVER STRUCTURAL SAFETY. REPLACED WITH NEWER MODEL. This is a stretched modular cutter designed to haul two standard 30Dton modules.  I picture these as being as common  as trucks are on modern roads – especially in heavily populated star systems such as Glisten in the Spinward Marches.  … Continue reading In-system Modular Cutter Hauler (Traveller)

12 Modules for the 50ton Modular Cutter (Traveller)

As promised, here are some deck plans for a variety of modules. I have not added a key – yet.   They are mostly built from the designs shown in GURPS Traveller: Modular Cutter.  However, one credit goes to a guy called Brook West who posted a design of a Recreational Vehicle Module back in 2002 … Continue reading 12 Modules for the 50ton Modular Cutter (Traveller)

50 D-ton Modular Cutter (Traveller)

Some more WIP shots of one of my favourite of all Traveller vessels – the 50Dton Modular Cutter.   I was first introduced to deck plans for this ship in Supplement 7: Traders and Gunboats. In recent years I got the GURPS Traveller supplement dedicated to this vessel.  One of the better GURPS Traveller books, it … Continue reading 50 D-ton Modular Cutter (Traveller)

50 dton Armed Response Cutter

This is a tough little non-Jump spaceship often seen in Imperial systems performing customs and inspection duties, quarantine enforcement and in it’s main role as an armed response vessel for emergency situations.  Based on the same design as the 50Dton Modular Cutter, this is a fixed hull ship.  It mounts a battery of lasers and … Continue reading 50 dton Armed Response Cutter

Six New 30 Dton Modules for Traveller

Six new deck plans for some common and not so common modules for use with modular cutters and modular freight star ships. Bulk Chemical Module – as it says – fill it up with whatever gas or chemicals you need to transport. Hydroponics Module – Growing beds and the machinery to support them. Includes a … Continue reading Six New 30 Dton Modules for Traveller

125 Dton Transit-class Jump Barge

If the 50Dton Modular Cutter is the workhorse of the Imperium, then there has to be a mule somewhere to carry all those cutter modules from system to system.  The Transit-class is designed to service those small out of the way worlds that are seldom visited by larger vessels.  The Transit-class is a small interstellar … Continue reading 125 Dton Transit-class Jump Barge