Santa came early this year.

Look what arrived in the post today. To be honest, this was the second largest order I have ever done from overseas. I usually get bits and bobs. I get nervous forking out large sums of money and waiting on an order to arrive – but arrive it did. An ACW Confederate cavalry brigade including horse holders and dismounted versions. Lots of guns, limbers and limber horses. Dismounted Union cavalry and horse holders – a brigade worth. Lots of generals, mounted cavalry command and various command sets. Also bulked out my Anglo-Zulu Wars – limbers, command, mounted and dismounted infantry and Frontier horse. Everything was well packaged and not so much as a dent on a box.

“Not a Toy” Ha! Who are they kidding.

14 thoughts on “Santa came early this year.”

  1. What a fabulous haul of Christmas loot Brian! I have an order away with the Perrys to restock the lead/plastic pile. I am hoping it arrives before the big day, but who knows in these Covid disrupted days. That reminds me I need some mores horse holders and dismounted cavalry…


  2. A great reinforcement – I have not bought a lot off the Perry’s but I must admit, you feel like you are getting A LOT when all those nifty little black boxes arrive with 6 or 8 figures in each one!


  3. I show this to my girlfriend and she told me this are you still playing and still collecting of toy soldiers. You never going to grow up always are you. And her eyes rolls above. You will always have a little boy inside of you. I just said yes and smile. Then I hand her a very nice jewelry a diamond necklace. Boy she was happy.


    1. Yeah we like to justify it with history, interest in strategy etc – but let’s face it – we like playing with toy soldiers.


  4. Glad to see this order arrived safely. Even in these uncertain times I haven’t had one go astray apart form a set of rules I ordered five or six years ago. There have been a couple of nervous waits this year though.

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