146th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment – Garrard’s Tigers

Finally got this unit finished a few weeks ago. I started it back in March but it sat on the painting desk mocking me as I lost interest. Finally got the mojo back and started back on them. . Glad I got them finished because they are such a colourful unit in an otherwise drab looking army. EDIT – Just remembered why I lost interest. My dog Snow, an Abruzzi-Maremma came into my room and his tail of death swept half the unit off the table and there were half a dozen broken bayonets and rifles. So before I could even start painting them again I had to repair a bunch of figures.

Apart from the Iron Brigade (post to come) I am not really doing any particular order of battle. Just painting units that catch my fancy or ‘generic’ regiments that can be used pretty much any time in the civil war period. So far I have the Iron brigade painted, a generic brigade and am working on a generic New York brigade that has three zouave units (5th, 146th and the 14th Brooklyn and a couple of other regular volunteer units). Not bad for lockdown period and was still working during that time.

These are obviously Perry plastic Zouaves. I had some left over from the 5th New York I did earlier this year and also had acquired the Battle in a Box set which had another sixteen figures (off the top of my head). I have a few left so might make then as skirmishers or perhaps as a company within another union volunteer regiment.

Flags are not exactly right for this unit but who is really looking at the flags when they are on the table top?

13 thoughts on “146th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment – Garrard’s Tigers”

  1. Very nice, looks like you are doing 28mm. Good call on iron Brigade. Bawnwers Farm is a nice OoB. I did ACW in 10mm due to the sheer number of troops. Have you picked a rule set? My go to is Brigade and Regimental Fire and Fury depending on the scale of the battle. Look forward to future updates.


    1. I have Black Powder2 and Regimental Fire and Fury. I like both equally. BP for a quick fun game, RF&F for a more detailed game.


  2. Very nice Brian. That yellow on blue works really well, but I’ll bet it was a pain to do. I still find myself avoiding anything with yellow on it, if I can.


    1. Hi Lawrence. Yellow is tricky. I use a yellow-brown colour (something like GW Balor Brown) then a brighter yellow over the top.


  3. Very nice work on these and I also like the six horse limber in your previous post – I agree with you about the horrendous cost of limbers, I generally don’t bother for that reason – I would prefer another battalion of infantry to be honest!

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    1. Saying that … I ordered some plastic frames of limbers from Perry and will use them with more of my old Hinchliffe horses. But…I also ordered two of their six horses limber/crew teams.


  4. Great looking unit Brian. I put together a couple of units of these myself from a battle in a box set that I bought for a rainy day…and that rainy day proved to be the COVID lockdown and it kept me going right through levels four and three! I really like these guys in the shoulder shift pose.

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  5. The 1h New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, nicknamed Garrard’s Tigers, was a Federal regiment which mustered on October 10, 1862, and mustered out on July 16, 1865. The regiment was raised and organized in Rome, New York, and was known as the h Oneida Regiment. Another nickname for this unit was the

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