Paint Brushes

Last year I brought a bunch of stuff off Wish and included in that lot was a couple of sets of paint brushes. I think the total cost of these brushes was about NZD$10.00. Normally I buy Games Workshop brushes but they are pushing $10 each now. I have tried $2 Shop (I guess Dollar Store or Pound Store to you Yanks and Poms) brushes with varying amounts of success and failure so was not holding out too much hope for these Wish brushes.

I have been pleasantly surprised. Already painted three units with the first of them and have had no problems.  For the price I am not too worried about how long they last but with normal maintenance I think they will surprise me.


7 thoughts on “Paint Brushes”

    1. Just be aware that being Chinese they are probably made from hair from political prisoners. I kind of wish I were joking but …..


  1. It’s funny, some of the best brushes I’ve had have been discount stuff. I bought a number of brushes from a budget range called “special value” by Windsor and Newton. All different sizes and yet each one has been terrific, all about worn down to the base now. I went straight back to the shop for more – but all were gone. Never seen any since online or otherwise…


  2. I too have gone to cheap brushes – specifically the Princeton range from Warehouse Stationery and Spotlight. At around $ each (better when they have a sale) they are excellent value and last as well as an expensive brush. Typically I get between 40-60 figures out of the three brush sizes that I commonly use. Nonetheless your’s is amazing value and I shall have a look


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