Spanish Light Infantry 1808

My first completed unit in nearly three years!

These are Elite Miniatures that I got earlier this year from Nathan at Elite Miniatures Australia.

Elite only make two poses for the Spanish light infantry in bicornes. A kneeling firing and a standing loading pose.  So I added a regular Spanish officer and a couple of drummers (one of which is in a shako).


8 thoughts on “Spanish Light Infantry 1808”

  1. Lovely work Brian. I have always much preferred these “classic” Spanish lights to the green-coated Cataluña battalions.


    1. I like them as well – but of course, I have both. Just to let you know I used my Spanish at a Black powder mini-comp at a local convention. I only got completely toasted once, won one game and had three losing draws so all in all a pretty good weekend.


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