The Shaky Isles

Rock n Roll – New Zealand Style. We live up to our moniker of The Shaky Isles.  To borrow an old Kiwi expression – it Rattled our Dags somewhat.

We got hit with a 7.5 quake last night and a whole night of aftershocks up into the 6s. Stacks of five pointers. So far a few reported deaths which is tragic – but also lucky.  Our construction techniques here generally limit human damage. Same quakes in other countries cause massive casualties.

Have not been over to the Woolshed to check if anything came off shelves – a few things here at the house fell off shelves and the pool tried to empty itself.

To all my fellow Kiwi gamers – hope you are all safe and that your armies stayed in their cabinets and any disorder tokens are removed next turn.

4 thoughts on “The Shaky Isles”

  1. Our swimming pool has had about a fifth of the water sloshed out of it. Not sure if it is cracked at all – it is an old concrete one. I kind of hope so because it needs replacing.


  2. Take care of yourself. Hope none of your access roads were cut. Some of the pictures remind me of the Alaska ’64 quake in the displacement of roads.


    1. Cheers. Once again we dodged a collective bullet. Two confirmed dead after a 7.5 to 7.8 quake. Been over 800 aftershocks – some of which have been as high as 6.6.


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