28mm umCijo Regiment “The Sharpeners”

Finally finished another unit.  It took a while but done.

The umCijo were an unmarried regiment formed in 1867-68. Its warriors were unmarried men 31-32 years of age at the time of the Zulu War. At Isandlwana they formed part of the Chest of the Zulu Formation.

um Cijo were present at Isandlwana (22nd January 1879), Kambala (29th March 1879), Gingindlovo (2nd April 1879) and Ulundi (4th July 1879). They were probably also at Hlobane (28th March 1879).

I have another unmarried regiment about half done at the moment and am trying to get them finished so I can start on the next three married regiments I have figures for.

Once again these are Black Tree Miniatures that I got a few months back during one of their excellent sales.  All my Zulu regiments so far have been 36 figure units. I had acquired these 8-slot resin bases some time ago and figured I might as well use them.

New Regt 1

New Regt 1a

New Regt 2

New Regt 3

New Regt 4

New Regt 5

New Regt 6

New Regt 7


5 thoughts on “28mm umCijo Regiment “The Sharpeners””

  1. Really like how those turned out. Good contrast and effective shield painting. The basing is also very naturalistic and adds a little bit of extra awesome! I also like the extra detail wokr you put in necklaces, loincloth and the odd hairband.


  2. Cheers for that. I think that the Black tree shields work OK. I have some Redoubt models and the shields are way more accurate – thinner and with more lacing (not really sure of the correct term) but they are a pain to paint. I am happy with the say these are turning out. My next unmarried regiment is a unit with mixed shield patterns.


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