New Year Resolutions

For starters, I am going to do something toward reducing the Napoleonic lead and plastic mountain.  Those boxes are all pretty much full. I never realised exactly how much crap I had accumulated. Then there are the GW plastic and lead mountains. the 28mm Samurai lead mountains and countless other boxes of random stuff (pirates, western, post-apocalypse). I had better get cracking.


I have made a start.  I painted the first Napoleonics I have done in over ten years in the past few weeks and have embarked on a project to rebase my 28mm armies.

French Old Guard Chasseurs by Front Rank.


French Old Guard Grenadiers by Victrix.


My wargame shed. An old Woolshed on my property. My new man-cave is 207m2, which is bigger than our last house. The previous owners were going to develop it as a farm-stay and had converted part of it to include a couple of bedrooms. I retained a bed in one and use the other as a painting study.


My painting desk.


And the first rebased units – mostly made up of old Connoisseur, Elite, Front Rank and Hinchliffe models all mixed together. I really like the animation of the older style figures. I find most models today to be somewhat wooden, but a hell of a lot easier to paint.


Here is a typical base – figures from three different manufacturers.


7 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions”

    1. Thanks. My last man-cave was 42m2 and I thought that was pretty neat. This space is great but will require a fair bit of maintenance. It is like having a second house on the property.


  1. Nice job on those Frenchies, I too have a pile to paint. Keeps me off the mean streets of Upper Hutt. Where are you situated? I regularly travel as far as Hamilton to get games with like minded souls.


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